Week Eight at Mogen Av!

By August 16, 2019Summer 2019

We start strong and finish stronger!
Nachas Concert! Barbeque Night! Field Day!
This week was NON-STOP!
What a way to end the last full week of camp!!




It wasn’t Memorial Day, but this past Monday, our campers and staff were treated to a full blown barbeque by none other than our dedicated and hard working head staff. With hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and condiments, (not to mention the singing and dancing) it truly was a smoky feast. Then, to top it off, we headed down to the outdoor amphitheater for a concert by NACHAS!


Nachas in CMA

Coming off of his two albums, Nachi Baldinger is a popular and sought after singer and musician who, this past Monday, brought his talent to Camp Mogen Av for an amazing performance that rocked the camp! Lively and personable, Nachas swept the whole crowd in as we jumped higher and felt the music!


Field Day 2019

The climax of the summer! The highlight of the year! Field Day 2019 is now in the past. Following an amazing breakout where the (not so) amazing Nachum was replaced by the sports counselors and Rabbi Eli Mann, the two teams of Shamayim and Aretz were knee deep in competition, but had their arms on each others shoulders all the way to the grand sing. With the All-Star Baseball game, All-Star Football, All-Star Basketball, Grand Plays, the famous Groisseh Farher, and many more special events, the schedule was packed with points to be won. Then came the Grand Sing. a full night of singing and dancing. Both teams performed beautiful Alma Maters that reverberated throughout the Old Gym. The achdus that was displayed throughout the two and a half days was truly inspiring. Shout out to Team of Shamayim for taking home the victory, but as our past Marah D’asrah, Rabbi Saks, would always say, “Whether you win, or you lose, you always win!”

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