It goes without saying that you can expect Mogen Av to have outstanding sports on spectacular courts. You can also be sure that there will be high-quality learning daily. It also goes without saying that all the רוחניות in every camper’s life is a high priority. Moreover, in Mogen Av we seek to help campers thrive and grow every chance we have. So sports are competitive, but tempered so that they do not create too much competition. Our learning groups are high quality with the best rebbeim anywhere, but we make sure that they are relaxing and enjoyable to the extent that a very large amount of our campers voluntarily learn with our staff in their spare time. Every area of camp is designed to give your son the chance to thrive in ways he could not necessarily have in a more formal Yeshiva setting.


Mogen Av prides itself as a camp that listens. We welcome any feedback from parents and campers alike. We value any comments you might have to enhance your son’s experience in camp. To provide the very best for you and your son we need you to partner with us on this quest. Often children are not communicative or open with their thoughts and feelings.  If you sense from your correspondence with him that his needs are not being met or you have some concerns, please feel free to communicate this with us and we will put you in touch with his division head. We endeavor to do our best to help your son learn to communicate his needs and work through the issues with our mechanchim/counselors. We do not however, believe that we are aware of all issues and need your help in this area if at all necessary.

Parents are welcome as well to call the office at any time to inquire regarding the welfare of their child. As our day is extraordinarily busy the most efficient way to facilitate this conversation is to leave a message in the camp office at 516-992-6131, and the staff member will call you back within 24-48 hrs. Please indicate in your message if it is more urgent and we will do our best to expedite the call.

The office is is open from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Our office hours on Friday, erev Shabbos, are from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Instructions for how to reach someone after hours for Emergency Phone Calls ONLY will be detailed on the voice message when you call our office after hours.


Getting mail is a huge part of the camp experience. Campers love getting letters, and eagerly anticipate hearing from home. We recommend sending one or two letters prior to their departure, so that your child receives mail during the first few days while they settle into camp life. Please make sure to include your child’s full name.  Mail is sorted and distributed on a daily basis during rest hour whenever the campers are not away on trips. Our mailing address for writing letters to your camper during camp is Camp Mogen Avraham 169 Laymon Rd.  Swan Lake, NY 12783. We will send out an email with your son’s bunk. Please include this on your letter. (Don’t worry – even if you leave it off, the mail will still get to him:)



While nosh from home is welcome, please be assured the meals in camp are bountiful and delicious. If you would like to send snacks along we strongly recommend that you keep them to a minimum. They create a mess in the bunks and they disrupt the boys’ appetite. As well, please be aware the foods such as cereal boxes, potato chips bags and the like in non re-sealable bags cause additional mess and may bring bugs. If you do find the need for this please send along a sealable container to keep open snacks contained. Cases of water are available at the canteen for a great price.
Any special diets should be brought to our medical staff’s attention so that we can do our best to accommodate your son’s special needs.


Laundry is sent out three times a trip. Each bunk puts its laundry into a laundry bag that is assigned by the camp. Please make sure to pack enough clothing to last 10 days. Do not send expensive clothes. Be sure that all articles of clothing are clearly tagged with your child’s name and phone number. We cannot assume responsibility for any lost or ruined laundry.


It is crucial to have name tapes sewn or ironed onto all personal belongings, including eyeglasses, cameras, and luggage. Name stamps and permanent ink should not be used, since they are usually unclear, especially after laundering. While we make every effort to return misplaced items, camp is not responsible for any personal belongings. The camp does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage caused to any items. Please do not send clothing/electronics that you would be devastated to lose. Any unclaimed articles left in camp by the end of the summer will be donated or discarded.


Your children’s safety and security are top priorities here in Camp Mogen Avraham. Our professional 24 hour security team ensures that the entrance in camp is safeguarded at all times.  Security make their periodic checks throughout the entire camp grounds.


If you would like to send your camper with spending money for trips, please place it in a separate envelope with his first and last name. Your child should give it to his supervisor upon arrival in camp so that it can be placed in the camp safe.