Senior Division

6th & 7th Grade Boys

Division Head: Rabbi Yaakov Alcabes

Mogen Av Senior Division is full of excitement round the clock. Division Head Rabbi Yaakov Alcabes creatively fosters an environment where kids can unleash their hidden talents.
The outstanding ruach that permeates the division helps to create strong bonds between the boys themselves as well as with the staff.

Clinics that are specifically geared to boys of this age group along with competitive leagues ensure that the activities are fast paced, interesting, and fun. Thrilling trips to exciting water parks and amusement centers are par for the course. Night activities, night canteen, and late night curfew help the fun continue into the wee hours of the day. Carnivals and specialty days are interspersed throughout. The high caliber learning rebbeim and dynamic learning groups ensure that being part of senior division will be a growing experience for everyone.  Welcome to our world 🙂


Below are just a few of the activities Camp Mogen Avraham boys enjoy throughout the summer!

  • Daily shiur with personalized and engaging learning.
  • Serious sports program, including basketball, hockey, football, volleyball, and baseball in Mogen Avraham’s 5-Acre MEGA Sports Complex, including an indoor gym with a professional scoreboard, and fields with professional outdoor lighting. We have a dedicated sports staff that provides refs at each game to ensure our leagues are run properly. 
  • Awesome night activities
  • Recording Studio sessions
  • Trips
  • Boating
  • Barbecues and cookouts
  • Swimming
  • Woodworking

Campers have the opportunity to choose from our vast array of workshops where they will discover new talents and learn new skills. These include Archery, Art, Construction, Cooking, Drama, EMT Training, Fitness, Guitar, Juggling, Lifeguarding, Magic, Music Recording, Ultimate Frisbee, and Woodworking.

"Every boy comes to Camp Mogen Av for one reason! That reason just happens to be different for every boy!"

Rabbi Elimelech Chanales