MArom Division

9th & 10th Grade Boys

Division Head: Rabbi Yosef Deitsch

Mogen Av’s MArom  Division was tailor-made with today’s Yeshiva boys in mind. We have created an environment for 9th and 10th graders that is sure to provide them with an awesome summer experience. The boys will thrive in a setting which provides them with a full schedule of exciting activities and programming, while still catering to their need for free time and ample space.

Our sports leagues are competitive, refereed by ​trained ​sports counselors, strictly organized and played on pristine courts. Meaningful shiurim are led by dynamic and professional Rebbeim.  The MArom campus is set apart from the main camp and boasts its own shul.  This provides the campers with the ability to organize and lead their own minyonim and to enjoy their own brand of MArom activities, in their own designated area, together with a GREAT group of friends.  With BBQs galore, extra and unique trips, skillfully designed workshops, and an awesome staff, Mogen Av MArom is a one-of-a-kind camp experience.  Come find out what everyone is talking about!

Welcome to our World 🙂


Below are just a few of the activities Camp Mogen Avraham boys enjoy throughout the summer!

  • Daily shiur with personalized and engaging learning.
  • Serious sports program, including basketball, hockey, football, volleyball, and baseball in Mogen Avraham’s 5-Acre MEGA Sports Complex, including an indoor gym with a professional scoreboard, and fields with professional outdoor lighting. We have a dedicated sports staff that provides refs at each game to ensure our leagues are run properly. 
  • Awesome night activities
  • Recording Studio sessions
  • Trips
  • Boating
  • Barbecues and cookouts
  • Swimming
  • Woodworking

Campers have the opportunity to choose from our vast array of workshops where they will discover new talents and learn new skills. These include Archery, Art, Construction, Cooking, Drama, EMT Training, Fitness, Guitar, Juggling, Lifeguarding, Magic, Music Recording, Ultimate Frisbee, and Woodworking.

"Every boy comes to Camp Mogen Av for one reason! That reason just happens to be different for every boy!"

Rabbi Elimelech Chanales