Junior Division 

4th & 5th Grade Boys

Division Head: Rabbi Shlomo Lehrer

Our Junior Division provides a great summer experience uniquely crafted for those in the fourth and fifth grades. Camp provides an amazing environment where it’s easy to have a blast, grow and build long lasting friendships. JD is a thrill-a-minute and our campers are busy all day and night in a  program that boasts a diverse variety of activities.

Experience JD sports, leagues, leatherworking, Frisbee, cooking, and much, much more.  All this gives JD a reputation of great fun. By Davening in their own Junior  Shul we have the ability to make the experience enjoyable and meaningful.  Whether it’s by being Gabbai or Chazan, the boys’ shul experience is like no other.  Activities include competitive sports leagues, a wide variety of electives and wildly exciting night activities.  Our staff are especially trained to provide that extra “TLC” that is so necessary for this age.  Our experienced primary grade Learning Rebbeim  weave their shiurim with stories and fun so that their shiurim come alive making the learning an anticipated time of the day.  Most of all your son will be made to feel as if he is on top of the world.  The program we have created offers him the chance to shine in his own very special way.


Below are just a few of the activities Camp Mogen Avraham boys enjoy throughout the summer!

  • Daily shiur with personalized and engaging learning.
  • Serious sports program, including basketball, hockey, football, volleyball, and baseball in Mogen Avraham’s 5-Acre MEGA Sports Complex, including an indoor gym with a professional scoreboard, and fields with professional outdoor lighting. We have a dedicated sports staff that provides refs at each game to ensure our leagues are run properly. 
  • Awesome night activities
  • Recording Studio sessions
  • Trips
  • Boating
  • Barbecues and cookouts
  • Swimming
  • Woodworking

Campers have the opportunity to choose from our vast array of workshops where they will discover new talents and learn new skills. These include Archery, Art, Construction, Cooking, Drama, EMT Training, Fitness, Guitar, Juggling, Lifeguarding, Magic, Music Recording, Ultimate Frisbee, and Woodworking.

"Every boy comes to Camp Mogen Av for one reason! That reason just happens to be different for every boy!"

Rabbi Elimelech Chanales