Week Seven at Mogen Av!

By August 9, 2019Summer 2019

It just keeps getting better!
From the excitement of Visiting Day to the amazing Dr. Schnitzel to the pure fun of bowling.
From the awe of the VR Beis Hamikdash to the inspiration of the Cantata.



Dr. Schnitzel

Who doesn’t love blowing things up? Dr. Schnitzel does! This mad scientist came to camp this past Sunday to show us all the things that you can’t do at home, and boy, were they cool! The audience was enthralled at the sight of exploding solutions and erupting mixtures. The very brave even took part in his fantastic ways!



What started out as 6 campers to a lane with not a bumper to be seen (c’mon, we’re real guys here), slowly evolved into a party with a cappella music, black lights, lasers, and a disco ball. A full arcade complimented the row of lanes and everyone had a blast. There was also bowling too! Our bowling trip, as always, was fun from the bus ride there through the bus ride back!


Beis Hamikdash in Virtual Reality

On Wednesday, we had the unique opportunity to host a virtual reality display of the 2nd Beis Hamikdash. There is nothing that can describe the display of surround sound and vision of the majestic Makom Kedusha that was once in our midst. Led by Yehoyada HaCohen, we were led from one area to another without even leaving Swan Lake! What a way to come into Tisha B’av with a greater understanding and real yearning for that which we have no longer.


Cantata 2019

In anticipation of Tisha B’av, Thursday night was our famous Cantata, in which our talented staff led by Shlomo Lehrer put on a play to bring us into the appropriate mood. This year, the theme was how to feel the loss of the Beis Hamikdash when it is so unrelateable to us. The beautiful choir was led by the one and only Avi Pruzansky, and featured “Ani Ma’amin,” an original composition written especially for this year.
You can watch the cantata here.

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