Camp enables children to develop a sense of independence, as well as the ability to work out problems on their own or with the help of the staff.  This is one of the many reasons our camp policy is that Campus & Pioneers Campers are NOT permitted to call home unless there are special circumstances.  Camp Anna Heller and LISHMA, our teen programs, allow campers to make phone calls Erev Shabbos.

If for some reason you need to get in touch with your daughter, call the camp office and a message will be given to the Program Director.  You are welcome to be in touch with your daughter’s Program Director at anytime during the summer by leaving a message with our front office. Please indicate if it is an emergency. For non-emergencies, you will receive a call back within 24 hours.  

Our office phone number is 516-992-6131 and the office is open from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Our office hours on Friday, erev Shabbos, are from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  Instructions for how to reach someone after hours for Emergency Phone Calls ONLY will be detailed on the voice message when you call our office after hours.  

Program Directors
Mrs. Hadassah Stauber…………………….…….Campus (Completing Grades 3rd-6th Grade)
Mrs. Yael Abramowitz…………………………….Younger Pioneers (Completing 7th Grade)
Mrs. Chaya Samowitz……………………………..Older Pioneers (Completing 8th Grade)
Mrs. Leora Levine & Mrs. Maya Kuritsky….Anna Heller (Completing 9th Grade)
Mrs. Debra Fliegelman……………………………LISHMA (Completing 10th Grade)
Mrs. Hadassah Bamberger………………………Parent/Camper Liaison
Mrs. Aviva Gluck …………………………….……..Health Care Director


Getting mail is a huge part of the camp experience. Campers love getting letters, and eagerly anticipate hearing from home. Mail is sorted and distributed on a daily basis during rest hour whenever the campers are not away on trips. Our mailing address for writing letters to your child during camp is Camp Sternberg, 97 Camp Utopia Rd., Narrowsburg, NY, 12764. We will send out an email with your daughter’s bunk.  Please include this on your letter. (Don’t worry – even if you leave it off, the mail will still get to her:)


Non-Pioneers Campers & Staff
If campers must have “their own” snacks, we ask that they bring it in their carry on bag that they bring on the bus with them up to camp. They will be able to keep the snacks in their bunkhouse.  (No food should be packed in luggage.)

Each non-pioneer camper will be permitted to bring one 28 quart clear bin with snacks. No other food containers will be permitted in the bunk houses.  Larger sized bins, which hold inordinate amounts of food, clog the bunk houses, making it nearly impossible for campers and their staff to keep the bunks clean.  Any other food bins brought to camp will be confiscated and the food will be shared with the entire bunk the first week of camp during shabbos party.  A link to purchase this size bin is below

Pioneers Campers & Staff
There will be NO FOOD allowed into Pioneers other than the food provided by camp. Camp will provide weekly shabbos parties for each bunk.  Your daughter should not bring any food to camp,  even in closed containers. (Cereal boxes are permitted but must be stored in the dining room.) We do not allow pioneers campers to store food in bunkhouses in other divisions of camp. This greatly disturbs other programs, often interrupting fun activities and curfew as well as makes it difficult for the campers to move throughout their overcrowded bunk houses.  Any such bins will be confiscated and not returned.


Updated Package Policy

  • Any packages that are mailed or delivered to camp will be returned to sender, refused, or discarded. (We will continue to accept envelopes, including the padded ones.)
  • Regretfully, we are unable to assume responsibility for any packages mailed or delivered to camp.



In addition to mailing your daughters letters, Campminder offers a service where you can email your child by purchasing camp stamps. The money for camp stamps goes directly to Campminder, NOT to Camp Sternberg.  This is an optional service that is being offered, but is not by any means necessary.
To send an email through campminder, please do the following:
1. Log into CampInTouch
2. Scroll down to credit card for emails and photos
3. Enter your credit card information (to be used for purchasing camp stamps)
4. Once your credit card information has been entered, scroll down to My Accounts
5. Purchase Camp Stamps
6. Click on “email campers”


Laundry is sent out three times a trip. Each bunk puts its laundry into a laundry bag that is assigned by the camp. Please make sure to pack enough clothing to last 10 days. Do not send expensive clothes. Be sure that all articles of clothing are clearly tagged with your child’s name and phone number. We cannot assume responsibility for any lost or ruined laundry.


It is crucial to have name tapes sewn or ironed onto all personal belongings, including eyeglasses, cameras, and luggage. Name stamps and permanent ink should not be used, since they are usually unclear, especially after laundering. While we make every effort to return misplaced items, camp is not responsible for any personal belongings. The camp does not assume responsibility for loss, theft, or damage caused to any items. Please do not send clothing/electronics that you would be devastated to lose. Any unclaimed articles left in camp by the end of the summer will be donated or discarded.


Your children’s safety and security are top priorities here in Camp Sternberg. Our professional 24 hour security team ensures that the entrance in camp is safeguarded at all times. The front gate is locked while security make their periodic checks throughout the entire camp grounds.


Canteen is an exciting part of camp. Each camper has an account that parents can fund to enable campers to buy items in the canteen. The suggested amount is $75 to $100 per trip which can be used for canteen. Prior to camp, checks made payable to Camp Sternberg can be mailed to PO Box 415 Woodmere, N.Y. 11598. (We do not accept credit cards.) Alternatively, you can fund your canteen account with an e-check by logging into your campminder account.  Then go to “View Accounts” and select Fund.  Feel free to call our office if you need assistance.  We are happy to help!  Extra money left in canteen will be forwarded as a credit towards next summer. If you wish to receive a refund, please email a request to and we will issue a refund check.

PLEASE NOTE: Canteen money CANNOT be withdrawn and used for trips.  Trip money should be kept in the camp safe.


If you would like to send your camper with spending money for trips, please place it in a separate envelope with her first and last name. Your child should give it to her supervisor upon arrival in camp so that it can be placed in the camp safe.