Camp Sternberg Junior Staff Program

The Sternberg Junior Staff Program is an amazing program for girls completing 10th grade.  You must fill out a camper application if you are applying for one of the Jr. Staff Positions.  The positions that are available for our 10th graders are as follows:

  • Lishma/Waitress
  • Campus Aide
  • Pioneer Aide

(If you are a 10th grader that would like to be a mother’s helper, please fill out a staff application instead of a jr. staff/camper application.) You can indicate which positions you are interested in by filling out the Junior Staff Request Form, located in forms and documents in campminder.  Click Here to Find out about our exciting Lishma/Waitress Program!

2024 Jr. Staff Dates

*Please note: Lishma travels up to camp with campers, and aides travel up to camp with staff.
Trip 1  07/03/2024 – Lishma/Waitress                
Trip 1 07/01/2024 – Campus & Pioneer Aides
Trip 2 07/30/2024 – Lishma/Waitress                 Trip 2 7/29/2024 – Campus & Pioneer Aides


$ Now $2,299*

Regular $2,399Register Now


$ Now $2,199*

Regular $2,299Register Now

Out of Camp Trip Fee – $350 Per Session
Bus Fee – $40.00 Each Way
Nit Check Fee – $10

Staff  Tipping fee – $100 Per  Session (will be processed automatically based on your billing preference the 2nd week of each session)