Camp Sternberg Junior Staff Program

The Sternberg Junior Staff Program is an amazing program for girls completing 10th grade.  The positions that are available for our 10th graders are Lishma/Waitress, Campus Aide, Pioneer Aide, Day Camp Counselor, or Mother’s Helper.  You can indicate which positions you are interested in by filling out the Junior Staff Request Form, located in forms and documents in campminder.  Click Here to Find out about our exciting Lishma/Waitress Program!  All Junior Staff travel up to camp with our staff.

2021 Jr. Staff Dates
Trip 1  Monday 6/28 – Monday 7/26
Trip 2 Monday 7/26 – Wednesday 8/18

*Note Jr. Staff travels up to camp with Staff (not with campers)

Please fill out a camper application (NOT a Staff Application!)
After completing the application, please make sure to go to forms and documents and fill out the Junior Staff Request Form.  Come see what everyone has been talking about!


$ 3,399

Full Summer Savings of $300.00!Lishma/Waitress
Campus and Pioneer Aide Rates
June 28th – August 18th


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$ 1,899

Regular FeeLishma/Waitress
Campus and Pioneer Aide Rates
June 28th – July 26th


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$ 1,799

Regular FeeLishma/Waitress
Campus and Pioneer Aide Rates
July 26th – August 18th


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Jr. Staff Trip Fee..……..$300 Per Session
Nit Check Fee – $10

Fees for *Day Camp Counselor  ($500 fee only)      *Mother’s Helper (No fee)

Please make sure to fill out the Jr. Staff Request Form in your forms and documents in campminder
*Rates and fees listed above includes a $75 discount per session for registrations and all future payments paid online via electronic check (eCheck)


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