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2018 NEW and Exciting part 2 – 100 days till the 1st Day of CAMP

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This may seem like a crazy long email, you are right – it is. That’s because it is filled with 100% brand new excitement for 2018!

No two summers are ever alike, and our staff has been hard at work, preparing to deliver the most action-packed summer of fun filled growth ever!

Are you ready to feast your eyes and Dream Big? This is YOUR Summer 2018!!!

Campus (Girls Completing 3rd – 6th Grade)

Monkey Madness – Bungee Trampoline! Ready to defy gravity? Put a bounce in your day as you fly in the air with 8 of your friends!!!

Workshops Center– Bring your creativity and ideas to life in our new workshops center. Airbrushing. . .Jewelry. . .Leather…Ceramics, and much much more…

Ultimate Laser – Campus goes pro! Join us in our indoor/outdoor Laser Tag with dayglow, gear and awesome obstacles for maximum challenge!

New and Zany Campus Aide Activities

2 Brand New Trips– Join us as we expand our repertoire of awesome trips to. . . an amusement/water park. . . ice skating. . . outdoor park barbecue. . . arcade adventures. . . yup, those are only two of our amazing (and action packed!) trips!

Be Campus Cool!!! – Enjoy our one-and-only newly air-conditioned dining room!!!

3 brand new bunkhouses!!! – Freshies and Sophies and now Juniors too!

Pioneers (Girls Completing 7th and 8th Grade)

Zipline – Soar like an eagle along the treetops on our brand new 1200 ft zipline. Get a birds-eye view of Pioneer Territory as you zip along!!!

Free Fall Jump – Overcoming obstacles rises to new heights, with our thrilling 30 feet drop!!! Brand new rock wall component!

Zorbing Balls – Splash your way downhill on a specially designed course into the Sternberg lake… How many Younger Pio’s fit INSIDE a water-filled Zorbing Ball!!!

Wipeout Challenge Obstacle course – X-TREME CHALLENGE!!! One-of-a-Kind obstacle course spanning land and water. Younger, get ready to take on the time of your life!!!

More New ATV’S –  Fuel-Injected  90CC Horsepower Engines!!! Speed… Strength…Power… Need we say anymore?!

New Workshops! – Take your pioneer crafting up a notch with our latest additions…Pio Hair Flair, Pioneer Glitz and Pioneers Nail It… Can you guess?

Bike Packing– Imagine hiking… biking… backpacking… IMAGINE BIKE PACKING. Combo outdoor adventures in our first ever younger biathlon event!

Younger Night Hike! – Gear up for MAXimum Adventure as you blaze a night-time trail to a whole new destination! Flashlights on!!!

Extra overnight – ‘Cuz one just isn’t enough!!!

Older Daily Challenge – Tackle a dynamic new challenge posted in your unit every day! Earn coins for your chain as you rack up successes day by day! Are you ready to compete?!

Anna Heller (Girls Completing 9th Grade)

Kronum – Combo soccer, basketball and dodgeball for a 360 degree sport with four goals, non-stop play and never ending fun! Newly-invented, no other camp has KRONUM!!!

Segways – All-Terrain wheels! Challenge Course races! Neon Lighting! Segways Polo! ENOUGH SAID!!!

Archery Tag – Archery to next level! Shoot while running and blocking in special teams to hit your opponent’s target while protecting your own.

#hellerstrong – Clifton Strengthfinders team building. Take on challenges and uncover your unique blend of strengths as you focus on all the ways you do things best.

M.V.P. All-Star shiur program. Mayselach, Va’ad, Pesukim. Choose the style of shiur you want to hear on the topics you chose in our survey.

Mega-Triathlon – Hike, bike and swim your way to conquer the wilderness Anna H style!

2 New Trips! Top-Secret destinations…
Trip #1 Hint: Our mascot Tacky will be running the bases..
Trip #2 Hint: Make your mark on a city that shares our name…

Lamp-making Workshop– Create your own stylin’ L.E.D. lamp.

LISHMA (Girls Completing 10th Grade)

Brand New Workshops –  Further your flair in photography, airbrushing, construction & food decorating. Choose the workshops that speak to you & gain the confidence & skills to excel!!!

“Unlocking Greatness” Leadership Training –  Engage in awesome, innovative & crazy fun activities as you unlock your greatness in our leadership training program under the guidance of Charlie Harary.

Connect & Reflect – Connect with friends & staff through super fun & creative activities as you reflect on your day & your achievements! Walk home with your memories wrapped up in your individually created masterpiece!

Niagara Falls trip –  36 hours of action-packed adventure to the magnificent Niagara Falls.

Waterfall Rappelling – Experience the thrill of a lifetime! Rappel down a 130 foot waterfall. Get ready to take the plunge & conquer this challenge!!

CEO – “Chessed Empowering Operative” – Grow through giving! Engage in unique chessed fun both in camp & on the go!!

Basketball Clinic –  Learn to play like a pro in our new & improved basketball clinic… Let’s bring out the player in you!

And ….
an EPIC 16,930 sq foot SHMAQUA PARK FOR ALL!!!

We can’t wait to see you for the BEST SUMMER EVER!


Open House Coming to 5 Towns
February 10th 2018

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Please Join us This Motzei Shabbos
Check In and Check Us Out Event
a fun, “interactive” and informative night for parents and campers!
Whether you are an one of our Existing Families, our New Families or interested in finding out more about OUR FAMILY – this event was designed for you!
The Five Towns  Open House will take place:
Motzei Shabbos, February 10th at 8:30 PM
in the home of Dov & Allyson Perkal
858 Fiske Street
Woodmere, NY 11598

To RSVP click this RSVP link here and the Five Towns invite can be found below.

We look forward to welcoming our Camp Sternberg family and greeting our guests.

Allyson and Dov Perkal
And our “Amazingly Talented Sternberg TEAM”