Week Five at Mogen Av!

By July 26, 2019Summer 2019

From packing to unpacking.
´╗┐From the campers staying to the campers coming.
This summer is one of a kind with games, sports, and activities!



Trip One Banquet

A delicious feast was served up in honor of the departing Trip One campers. Hot schnitzel sandwiches and crispy french fries were served in a beautifully decorated dining room. No one ever wants to leave camp, but if you have to, then this is the way to go!


Learning Awards

In a beautiful ceremony this past Sunday, awards were presented to those campers who excelled in their learning. Camp is a wonderful place to grow, and we would like to wish a Mazel Tov to these campers for pushing themselves to take their learning to the next level!


Trip 1.5

For the day in between Trips One and Two, we had a special activity of rollerblading, right in our spacious gym. Kids On Wheels came with enough pairs of skates for all of those campers staying for both halves, and everyone enjoyed the fun, skating, and games!


Let’s Get WHEEL?

What a great beginning to Trip Two! Campers were greeted with an ice cream party as soon as they arrived in camp, followed that night by “Let’s Get WHEEL”, an exciting activity full of unique challenges and games led by Rabbi Eli Mann! Just wait until you see what is in store for the next three weeks to come!

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