Welcome to Summer 2019!

By June 28, 2019News, Summer 2019

Welcome campers old and new!
The summer is off to a fantastic start as we approach our first shabbos in camp!

S’mores in a Cone!
As if arriving in camp wasn’t enough of an excitement, we started off Day 1 with S’mores in a cone! Hot off the grill, these delicious and sticky treats were handed out as campers waited to receive their bunks. These tasty goodies made the return to camp sweeter than ever!
Up For Anything – Year Five!
Thursday night, in a messy chaos, campers did things they never thought were possible! This wonderful activity provided a perfect ice breaker for new and old campers to meet. From slimy spaghetti to shaving cream to chocolate syrup, nothing was left out of this crazy, wacky and, most of all, hilarious night activity!
A whole new way to play Ultimate! Our campers saw first hand the level of skill required to knock off those little rockets! What a time the MA’aleh division had!
9 Square in the Air
The perfect 9 player volleyball game! The Senior Division had quite some time knocking the ball about. Next time we are going to try it in our black-light arena…
Mountain Boarding
Summer + Snowboarding = Perfection
Our Juniors got to try their hand on the gorgeous hill overlooking White Lake!

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