Camp Sternberg Jr. Staff Program

Girls Completing 10th Grade

The Junior Staff Program is for girls completing 10th grade that are applying for Campus Aide, Pioneer Aide, Waitress or OKA positions.  You can also apply to work as a Lifeguard, Day Camp,  Aleph Plus Counselor, or Mother’s Helper.
Please fill out a camper application (NOT a Staff Application!)
After completing the application, please make sure to go to forms and documents and fill out the Junior Staff Request Form.

Jr. Staff Options (fill out a camper application and a Jr. Staff Request Form)
The New Improved Waitress/OKA Program will be going on weekly trips and will enjoy awesome new programming.  Only 24 spots available so hurry and sign up now!!!
Email to request more information!

Meet our Team

Position Rate
Campus Aide & Pioneer Aide $899 + $150 Trip fee
Waitress & OKA $899 + $150 Trip fee
Lifeguard No fee
Day Camp & Aleph Plus Counselors No fee
Mother's Helper No fee

*All published prices include a $75 discount when paying with e-check.
You will NOT be charged until you accept the jr. staff position being offered to you.