Dates & Rates

Trip One
Start –Tuesday, June 26th
End – Monday, July 23rd 
Visiting Day – July 15th
Trip Two
Start – Tuesday, July 24th
End –  Monday, August 20th
Visiting Day – August 12 th


2018 Rates* Per Session
Completing 3rd – 6th Grade $2499 Regular Rate
Completing 7th – 10th Grade add $200

Out of Camp Trip Fee
3rd – 6th Grade Camper ………………$150 per trip
7th – 10th Grade Camper……………..$175 per trip
9th & 10th Grade Trip 2 Marom Camper……..$250 trip fee (overnight trip included)

Luggage Service
will be provided by ESF Trucking. You will pay the fee directly to the vendor. Complete instructions will be emailed in March. To reach Eric at ESF trucking, you can email

A suggested tipping schedule will be emailed prior to visiting day.

Early Bird Registration Expires Tuesday, 10/31/17
*Subject to regular enrollment process
*Savings is based on one trip or full summer sign-up
*Published Rates includes $75 discount per session for payment by e-check
*Remaining balance is billed monthly beginning 10/01/17

Terms & Conditions 2018