About camp

For over 35 years, Camp Mogen Avraham has been the leader in frum boys’ camping.

For over 35 years, Camp Mogen Avraham has been the leader in frum boys’ camping. Led by Rabbi Elimelech Chanales, Mogen Av offers the most diversified experience, where every boy enjoys the learning, experiences awesome trips,unbelievable night activities, and is given the opportunity to express almost any kind of talent and interest, whether it is in sports, art, music, cooking, drama/play-writing, or in our world-class woodworking shop (just to name a few), all in a clean, wholesome, Torah environment. Below are just a few of the activities Camp Mogen Avraham boys enjoy throughout the summer!

• Daily shiur with serious learning
• Awesome night activities
• Recording Studio Sessions
• Trips
• Color war
• Barbecues
• Swimming
• Arts and crafts
• Serious sports program, including basketball, hockey, football volleyball, and baseball in Mogen Avraham’s 5-Acre MEGA Sports Complex, including an indoor gym with professional scoreboard and fields with professional outdoor lighting.

Camp Mogen Avraham has different Programs customized for each age group

Junior Division for boys currently in 3rd through 7th grades
• Learn to experience a geshmak in learning in a way only Mogen Av rebbeim can provide
• Awesome sports and a vast array of other activities

MA’Leh Program for boys currently in 8th grade

Marom Program for boys currently in 9th through 10th grades
• Brand new shul
• Wider choice of activities
• Separate Campus

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