J Drugs:

Q: Do I need to fill out the J Drugs form to register?
A: J Drugs forms are for campers who take prescription medication, over the counter
medications, vitamins or supplements on a daily basis.
The J Drugs program is designed to work with your insurance program, not in place of it. J Drugs accepts all major forms of insurance. Participation in this program is mandatory for all campers who take medication, vitamins, supplements or OTC medicines on a regular basis.
If your child only takes medicine occasionally you do not have to fill out these forms. Remedies for occasional headaches will be dispensed as needed by the infirmary in accordance with the instructions on your child ‘s medical forms.
The J Drugs service individually packages all of the camper’s medicines in a dose packet for each day of camp. The camper’s name, medicine and dose are printed on each on individual packet. This system allows for an extremely safe way to distribute pharmaceuticals to campers and is endorsed by the American Camp Association. In order to sort and package the medicine in this way J Drugs charges a service fee of $10.00, for the summer, in addition to your regular insurance co-pay. For more information, please refer to the documents we provided online under Forms and Documents in your child’s account

Q: How can I contact J Drugs?
A: Phone: 1-718-258-6686 Fax: 718-258-1230 Website:jdrugsrx@gmail.com


Q: I live out of town; will transportation to and from the airport be provided?
A: We are aware that many campers are coming from out of town. In order to make it more convenient, we will send a Camp representative to meet groups of 10 or more campers on the same flight. Group flights should be booked to either JFK or Laguardia Airport and should arrive between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Please call Mrs. Rivkie Eichenstein at 773-338-6850 so that she can assist you in booking a group flight. Keep in mind that flights should only be booked upon acceptance into the camp program. We DO NOT provide transportation from the airport if you are not on a pre-arranged group flight of 10 or more campers to JFK or Laguardia Airport.

Luggage Information:

Q: Where can I get a suggested clothing list so I know what to pack for my child?
A: A clothing list is available on our website www.shmacamps.com. Please click on your programs name and then click on forms.

Q: How will I get my luggage to camp? Where and when will my luggage be picked up?
A: The information regarding signing up for luggage will be sent out to from ESF Trucking in February.

Q: I live out of town and I will not be able to drop my luggage off at the centralized dropoff point, how can I get my luggage to camp?
A: Out of towners will bring their luggage on the bus with them.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring?
A: Each camper is allowed to bring two pieces of luggage to camp. Luggage will be handled by ESF Trucking. They will be sending out an email with all of the important information in February.

Campminder Log-In Issues:

Q: I forgot my password or can’t seem to log into my account on-line
A: Please send an email to info@shmacamps.com and we will take care of the issue. Within 24 hours, your account will be unlocked, and you will have access to your campminder account.

Birthday Cakes

Q: How do I order a birthday cake?
A: Please send a check for $25 made out to the SHMA Camps and mail it to PO BOX 415, Woodmere, NY 11598. Please put in the memo, the camper’s name and “birthday cake.” Cakes are large enough to serve your child’s entire bunk.


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