Luggage & Bussing

ESF Trucking has been appointed as our exclusive luggage carrier this season.   They will accommodate you in transporting your luggage to and from camp this summer for all states, and are accepting registration now through May 30th.  After May 30th, late fees will be applied.

As previously, there will be five central drop off locations for campers: Brooklyn, The Five Towns, Queens, Monsey, and Passaic. Staff and Junior Staff drop off locations are Brooklyn, Queens, or Monsey only– they will go up to camp along with their luggage. When you sign up on the website,, you  will select your luggage drop off location.  You will be receiving luggage tags through the mail between May 15th and June 10th.

go to to register now for your luggage!
Campers and Junior Staff use the following Log In Information: 
Camp ID: Sternberg                              Password: Shmacamps (one word)

Staff use the following Log In Information: 
Camp ID: Sternberg Staff                      Password: Shmacamps (one word)

Please note:
If you do not sign up for luggage service, you will be responsible for your own bags
*Luggage tags are color coded so that your child’s luggage will arrive at the proper destination
*No weights
*No refrigerators
*No cases of water or beverages

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Eric at .

Bussing Information

Location Time
Five Towns