About Camp

Camp Avraham Chaim Heller (ACH), offers a unique approach to boy’s camping with a special focus on mastering sports at the highest level of any frum camp and a serious learning program. On top of that, ACH offers a variety of activities and awesome trips, all in a safe and wholesome environment. Camp ACH, for boys currently in 4th-12th grades, aims to help every boy grow as a ben Torah during the summer and boasts state-of the art facilities, including an awesome five-acre mega-sports complex with fields and courts for basketball, hockey, volleyball, and football (all equipped with night-lighting for high-level play at all hours), and a lake with a 15-foot mega splashdown water slide and water park. Below are just a few of the activities Camp Avraham Chaim Heller boys enjoy throughout the summer!

  • Daily shiur with serious learning

  • All campers have two league games per day in basketball, flag football, or volleyball, rain or shine – All games have coaches and referees and standings are tracked

  • Tons of awesome night activities, including capture the counselor, let’s make a deal, 3 on 3 tournaments, a european handball tournament, and night swim

  • Awesome Trips

  • Melaveh Malka

  • Color war

  • Barbeques

  • Swimming

  • In addition to its staff of veteran mechanchim as learning Rebbeim, ACH maintains a staff of bnei Torah as Learning Rebbes who work with certain boys individually or in small groups

  • All campers benefit from quality time on the field and at other camp programs with ACH’s staff Learning Rebbes, who serve as excellent role models for how a ben Torah behaves both on the field and in the beis medrash


Camp Avraham Chaim Heller’s program is divided into three main divisions:

  • Junior Division for boys currently in 4th through 6th grades

    • Separate Junior Division davening

  • Teen Division for boys in 7th through 10th grades

    • Higher level sports activities and more privileges

  • Masmidim Program for current 11-12th grade boys

    • Serious 3 hour learning program with hachana/seder and shiur and 1.5 hour night seder

    • Serious basketball and football leagues in the afternoon

  • Junior Staff – for current 11th grade boys

    • Gain experience as staff member while while enjoying a full day of learning, ball playing, trips, and more

    • Jobs include waitering, sports staff, canteen, lifeguarding, and more

Check out more information on our staff, dates & rates, and more pictures & videos using the links on the left or [click here] to apply for the first time or register to come back!!!